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Level Elite Shooting System

Our Level Elite Shooting System is a 12-week high intensity shooting program designed to give athletes that lights-out stroke so they can MAKE more shots in actual games!

Automatic Shooting System

Our Automatic Shooting System is the foundation to being a great shooter. Designed to help athletes of all ages optimize their shooting mechanics to get lightning fast results.

At Home Handles

No gym? No problem! At Home Handles is a one of a kind FULL ball handling program that can be done in just about any space.

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Our Past

What started as just a few YouTube videos back in 2011 has now exploded into an online sensation.Shot Mechanics was created by basketball shooting instructor Collin Castellaw. “Coach C” saw a need for easily accessible, quality information for every hooper on the planet—that gets them insane results. He wanted to change the way people think about training and to realize that being great at basketball doesn’t have to be so hard.Built through a community of dedicated athletes, Shot Mechanics has revolutionized the way they think, train and dominate on the court.

Our Present

Shot Mechanics is one of the fastest growing online basketball training communities. We currently have over 160,000 YouTube subscribers from over 200 countries. Our channel features hundreds of free training videos to help you dominate.We also develop world-class training programs that are results-driven with real game implementation. Our number one goal is efficiency—no more wasting time and energy on frilly drills with crazy equipment. You’ll save thousands of wasted reps in the gym, all while developing the skills you need to reach your max potential.Shot Mechanics and Coach C. have been featured in:—Men’s Health —Jordan Brand —National Public Radio —Bleacher Report —CBS Sports —Nike’s ‘Summer is Serious’ —Nike N7 —SB Nation —Grantland

Our Future

Shot Mechanics is dedicated to continue providing cutting-edge information, high-quality training, and evolving with the game. We want to reach more athletes across the world to help them get the training they NEED to succeed in basketball.Improving the game, one jumper at a time.Splash On.

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