Proper Footwear

Don’t get me wrong, I like wearing a pair of black and white with a hint of purple Jordan XI’s as much as the next guy.  But is it the best shoe for you?  The best shoe is the one that fits your foot best, which is a good chance is not the same shoe as your teammate.  When choosing a shoe, consider the following:

– Using a shoe with a rigid heel counter5
– Shock absorption materials5
– Wide or narrow footing
– Straight or curved last (the last is the insole board)5
– Design/Colors (medically this has no place, but let’s be real, it’s important – just cover the previous bases first)

The first two bullets are mostly preference.  However, choosing shoe width and a last is determined by your foot type.  The two types are straight and curved where they look just like they sound.  Straight shoes are more for people who pronate, or walk on the outsides of their feet.5  Curved lasts are flexible and are therefore more for people who have rigid feet.5  Finally, if you remove the liner out of the shoe, you will see either a board, a slip, or a combination last.  Boards are stiff and are for people who need extra stability.5  Slips are flexible and are for people who have rigid feet.5  And combinations, which have boards in the heel and slips in the forefoot are for people who have plantar fascia (a band of tissue that spans underneath your foot) problems.5

Continued in part 3…

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