This is one that it seems should be self explanatory but for some reason is one of the most common mistakes I have seen! This happens when a shooter does not lock on to their target (basket) before they begin their shot. Like any form of hand eye coordination the longer you look at your target generally the more accurate you shot will be. Luckily it is also one of the easiest to correct with very little effort.

This is a great analogy for all the hunters out there. When you are going to shoot a gun, lets just say a rifle. Generally you don’t point is at the ground, look through the scope, then bring it up and fire at your target all in one motion. It does not give you any time to assess where your target is, if it is moving, and gives you a very small margin of error. Shooting is the exact same way. The longer you can look at your target the more accurate your shot will be.

This problem is especially apparent when players are coming out of a move (e.g., spin, crossover, pull back, etc.). Because most players are concentrating on the move, they sometimes completely forget about the target that they will need to be focused on.

So how do you correct it?

Just get in the habit of “snapping” your eyes to your target (or rim) before you even begin your shot. Really concentrate on it and make sure you do not follow the balls flight through the air. Keep those eyes locked on until the ball has gone through the net. Practice this by snapping your eyes to the rim even if you are not planning on shooting. Not only will this get you in the habit but it allows you to see the whole floor. Were defenders are, open teammates, etc. You can also use Our Repeated Rhythm System to help verbally reinforce your correction. Just say “eyes” to yourself every time you are starting a shot.

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