What is your favorite NBA moment? Tons to choose from, but as a shooting coach I have to go with Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 8.9 seconds in the 1995 Easter Conference semifinals . That was one of the memories that stuck in my head as a young player.

What is your go to move? When my team desperately needs a bucket I go to the Half Whirl. I would say that it gets you a clean look at a lay-up 80-90% of the time. If I need to get a shot up quick (buzzer beaters) I like to go with the step back move, it creates enough separation to get a clean look.

Favorite hoops movie? Hoop Dreams

Favorite NBA team? Sacramento Kings… I know, don’t tell anyone. Every year I sit and watch the NBA draft hoping that my Kings will FINALLY make a good decision… I guess there is always next year.

Best song to work out to? California Love, Tupac.

Would you rather score 20 points or have 10 assists? 10 assists, some of them may have been 3’s. The more points for my squad the better!

What is the most important part of a jump shot? Hard to say, most of the mechanics work in unison to create a fluid stroke… If I had to say I would go with the follow through, wrist flexion is probably the biggest culprit of missed shots.

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