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Room Enegry

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A leader changes a room or the gyms energy when they enter. It is important that this change is positive rather than negative. When entering a room it always helps if the first thing out of your mouth is a compliment to someone like “coach, your looking sharp today, new shoes?” or “Mike how much


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A leader is alway accountable for their actions. If you make a mistake on or off the court, it is important to graciously accept the consequences. One way of being accountable on the court is a simple “my bad” after a mistake. It lets teammates and coaches know that you are not looking for excuses


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Being a leader does not mean that you are only a leader when you are on the court. It’s important to set a positive example wherever you are. If you are not busting your tail in the classroom it’s going to be hard for some of your teammates, coaches, and fans to see you as


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Confidence is something that every player has the capability of possessing. It does not matter how tall you are, how high you can jump, or how fast you are. No matter what skill set or athleticism you have, confidence is something every player should strive to attain. Confidence can be the difference in making or

Q: What Makes a Great Shooter? (Simple question right?)

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A)  Being able to shoot from NBA range B)  Shooting 90% from the Free Throw Line C) Shooting 60% from Three D)  None of the above A: D. Sure you can measure great shooters by statistics but that is the end result of being a great shooter not what make or defines one. The simple

The Best or the Worst

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My mother once told me “Athletics can either be the best or the worst thing in someone's life”. Now my mother is definitely not the John Wooden of her generation (although she did ride the pine on a state championship team) but she is a pretty sharp cookie and she has hit the nail right

Work Ethic

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One of the things that I love about the game of basketball is that it has so many real world connections. Work ethic, team work, mental toughness, physical toughness, and intelligence. Think about these words for just a moment... If as a basketball player you possess all of these traits you will be the type

Welcome to Shot Mechanics!

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Welcome to Shot Mechanics! After a long summer working relentlessly on this website it is exciting to actually see it all put together. Hours and hours of video shooting, editing, web designing, writing, planning, and assembling went into Shot Mechanics. All of us here had fun doing it and are excited to offer it to

Decision Making

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A leader on the floor is always a smart decision maker. Many people think that being a good decision maker on the court is innate or natural, something that some people have and some don’t. I do feel that certain players do have a natural knack for decision making but there are a few things

Body Language

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  Body Language As a team leader, body language is on of the most important things to be aware of. In a research study done by UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian found the 55/38/7 “rule” of communication. He  found that only 7% of meaning is derived from words themselves, about 38% based on tone of voice,