[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The Shot Mechanics Refund Policy is in place to protect our integrity, as well as the moral and hard working athletes of Shot Mechanics.

The Shot Mechanics Refund Policy states a few policies that we will refund you only if you give our programs fair effort.

If you follow the program you purchase in it’s entirety, with documentation, and do not see the desired results we will then happily refund you.

Documentation may include:

Questions sent periodically to coaches.
Video of workouts
Workout Logs filled out
*a proven effort to get better

Our “No Questions Asked” Guarantee is under the assumption you know and have abided by our refund policy to date.

*A proven effort to get better- simply any proof of an attempt to use the purchased program in it’s entirety.

This refund policy states that you must own and use a program 21 days before a refund will be considered by our staff.

Refunds will NOT be given to:

– Anyone who wants their money back for reasons outside of not reaching desired results
***Unless health reasons (with doctors or physicians note) or failed physical have occurred

– Anyone who attempts to refund upon purchase (within 48 hours)
– Anyone who has no proof of effort or use of the program
– Anyone who is caught pirating or sharing a program
– Anyone requesting a refund without a receipt or proof of purchase
– Any other reasons shall be reviewed within a 7 day period where Full/Partial/No Refund may be awarded

– Refunds will also not be awarded if a customer has swapped or exchanged one program for another.

– Refunds will also not be awarded if multiple programs (2 or more) have been purchased within a 30-day window.

– Refunds will also not be awarded to anyone who purchases our Entire Catalog Package.

  • Refunds are also not available on any “free trail” offers and promotions.