Winning Ain’t Everything… But It Sure is Fun

This whole notion that winning is everything is starting to get a little out of hand. I hate to break it to you but it really isn't. Take Michael Jordan for instance, he is considered the greatest player to play the game and is held on a pedestal for his competitiveness and work ethic. Bad

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The Difference Between Listening and Hearing

Many players think that they are soaking up all the information they hear at practice or during training. The reality is that the majority of players are simple “Hearing” instead of “Listening”. This tiny change in habit could be the change between becoming a great player and one who is easily forgotten. Definition of hearing: 

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The Death of Swagger

There seems to be an epidemic that has swept all of the nation and pop culture. It is consuming people of all age, gender, race, and religion. It is not a disease or a virus but has spread with the alarming speed of a mid-evil plague. Until recently I have hot given much thought about

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Eyes Off Target Shooting Correction

This is one that it seems should be self explanatory but for some reason is one of the most common mistakes I have seen! This happens when a shooter does not lock on to their target (basket) before they begin their shot. Like any form of hand eye coordination the longer you look at your

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Low Elbow Shooting Correction

A major mistake that we often see (especially with younger shooters) is the shooting elbow is too low upon release of the shot. If your release is too low the trajectory (arc) of your shot will be too flat and give the ball less of a “Sweet spot” to go through the hoop. Think about

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Elbow Out Shooting Correction

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to shooting mechanics is the elbow out or “Chicken Wing Syndrome” as we like to call it. Basically it is when the shooters elbow is facing out rather than down (or in). This is especially common when a player is coming off a dribble or screen

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Prevention & Rehabilitation of Ankle Sprains (Part 4)

Ankle Exercises I have compiled several groups of different exercises that one could do to help strengthen their ankle.  These groups include Strengthening, Balance, Agility/Plyometric, and Stretching.  I would recommend performing each of these exercises at least once a week, but feel free to add in additional workouts.  If you do perform these exercises multiple

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Prevention & Rehabilitation of Ankle Sprains (Part 3)

External Support Many people have asked me recently, whether or not they should tape their ankles or wear braces.  And my answer to them is…maybe.  There are several factors one should consider when deciding whether or not to use external ankle support.  First, what sports are you involved in?  Second, do you have any predisposing

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Prevention & Rehabilitation of Ankle Sprains (Part 2)

Proper Footwear Don’t get me wrong, I like wearing a pair of black and white with a hint of purple Jordan XI’s as much as the next guy.  But is it the best shoe for you?  The best shoe is the one that fits your foot best, which is a good chance is not the

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Prevention & Rehabilitation of Ankle Sprains (Part 1)

So you have just sprained your ankle and are looking for a way to get back onto the court.  Or you are person #2 and are looking for ways to avoid suffering the same “kankly” fate as person #1.  Regardless of whom you are, the strengthening of your ankle will have a huge impact on

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